Fall Hikes

a couple months ago, the girls and i made an autumn bucket list in order to squeeze in every fall activity possible.  one of the items on our list was taking a fall hike.  i hadn't been to the park in redwood falls in a few years and figured fall would be the perfect time.  we enjoyed a picnic, playing in the park, visiting the little zoo, and taking turns carrying kids through the trails.  i brought a carrier for my 17 pound child; but in hindsight, it probably should have been for my 24 pound child who kept insisting that her legs were tired, haha!  she did find a rock on the way back, which kept her occupied and walking as it was her "baby" and she had so many things to show her.

i love how they are standing the same way :)


collecting sticks to throw into the waterfall

thanks for coming with auntie nicole and for some of the photos!


Pumpkin Patch

last fall, evelyn and i missed out on all the fall activities since i was spending my days on the couch on bed rest.  this year, we are making up for it!  evelyn is finally at the age where she really enjoys these types of things, and hazel is more than happy coming along for the ride.

these two little friends, looking like they are on a date!

recreating a picture we took two years ago!

the younger siblings joining in on the fun.

hazel was enamored with all the animals and wanted to pet them all.

the "hay rides" out to the pumpkin patch now look a little more like bus rides, but i'm pretty sure evelyn was more excited to sit on a bus seat than a hay bale anyway!


apple orchard

yesterday, the girls and i headed to the apple orchard to pick a few of our favorite honeycrisps.  i brought my camera along to take some pictures of the girls, but when we got there my memory card wasn't working.  thank goodness for iphone cameras!  

these two!  we have definitely entered the bickering stage of sisterhood, but there are just as many moments like this that melt my heart.  when evelyn hears hazel crying, she always tries to comfort her by saying "don't cry hazel, i'm your fwend!" it isn't all the comforting to hazel, but it always makes me smile and i hope that stays true for many, many years.

an apple for each hand!

evelyn was so excited to pick apples, she couldn't stop talking about it. we found a tree with apples hanging at just her height and she grabbed one right away to sample.  we had the orchard to ourselves and she was perfectly content running through the trees and examining all the bugs eating the fallen apples.  two deer even graced us with their presence; though they were probably bummed we were interrupting their afternoon snack!  we gave hazel an apple right away and she guarded that thing with her life.  i have never seen her sit in one place for so long!  once we collected our apples, evelyn insisted we sit down right away and have a "picnic", which is one of her favorite thing to play right now.  i'm not sure what evelyn was expecting at the apple orchard, but the experience didn't seem to disappoint.