my challenging child

<this picture may be an all-time favorite.  he looks like he is protecting evelyn from something terrible.  he was actually yawning>

the other day i was reading "what to expect: the first year".  i like to crack it open every once in awhile just to see what the authors feel like scaring me with that day.  i came across a box titled the challenging child.  i chuckled and thought i should read it just to see what other poor parents have to deal with.  you sleep ten hours straight at night...no challenge there!  but to my surprise, there you were, front and center under the alias of the active child.  now, we knew this about you since i was ten weeks pregnant and the doctor was unable to find your heartbeat.  after an emotional half hour waiting for the ultrasound, we were told you were perfectly healthy, the doctor just probably had a hard time finding a heartbeat because you were so active.  this was confirmed at every ultrasound thereafter.  during your nst, my thumb actually got tired from having to push that little button so many times when you kicked.  so yes, we knew you were active, but i had never before considered this to be a challenge...at least not yet.  i mean sure you boycotted swaddles since the day you got home, we have essentially worn a track around the kitchen table while carrying you around since you can't move yourself, we have yet to sit through a church service, and we have to be super careful while you are on the floor so you don't break our noses with one of your flailing limbs, but your energy is your gift.  i'm sure it won't be long before you are sitting, crawling, and running circles around your dad and me and completely wearing us out.  you have this drive.  i see it in your eyes so many times throughout the day.  you aren't content simply sitting back and watching the world go 'round.  you want to move and play and interact with everything.  that is exactly why we love you so much.  in the words of one of my favorite poems:

i am your parent you are my child
i am your quiet place, you are my wild
i am your calm face, you are my giggle
i am your wait, you are my wiggle

so sweet baby girl, never lose your energy; use those active little legs to explore your world.  never lose your driven spirit; use it to change the things that need changing.  never settle down.  at the end of the day, remember i will always be here to hold you when you finally do get tired.

 {poem by Maryann K Cusimano, full version here}



this lovely lady turned one hundred years old today.  at seventy three years young, she started taking care of my sister and me.  watching her hold my baby girl twenty-five years later is an unexpected blessing.  two souls connecting, one hundred years apart.  she is one of those people that is always able to bring a smile to your face.  she is quick-witted, sharp, and has never missed an episode of the bachelor.  when we were leaving her home today, she said she was going to make it to another birthday; but not two more.  she doesn't want to go through the terrible two's again ;).

on another note, this chunky monkey is officially three months old.  i wish it was an april fool's joke how fast she is growing.  she started out small, but she is packing on the pounds like the best of them.  she refuses to suck on a pacifier, but recently discovered that her hands are quite tasty.  getting her to smile and giggle has quickly become her daddy's and my favorite pastime.  she is never content sitting still, and i'm afraid she is going to be moving waaaay before we are ready.  as much as i hate to see her growing so fast, i love seeing glimpses of her little personality coming out.  i can't wait to see who she becomes!


showered in love

showers...a beautiful celebration of a new chapter in your life with all your family and friends.  what showers really are...an awkward two hours where everyone stares at you while you open gifts.  maybe it's just me.  i've never cared much for being the center of everyone's attention and showers seem to do just that.  nonetheless, i am incredibly appreciative of my sister, moms, and aunts who went through great lengths to throw these beautiful gatherings and of course all the family and friends who came to support my little family.  i am, however, not entirely disappointed that the days of showers are now officially behind me.

we had a whole lotta preggo ladies who are now officially {almost} all mamas...so fun!

and as much fun as it was to have a bump to show off at the shower, having the star of the show actually present was even better.

she clearly has no problems with being the center of attention.  must have something to do with being the first child, grandchild, great-grandchild, niece, baby of the year, etc.

so thank you to everyone who was part of one of our special celebrations.  cody, evelyn and i appreciate it more than you will ever know.


a newborn

i'm in love with evelyn's newborn photographs.  and because i cannot pick just a few favorites, here are a whole bunch that i just can't get enough of.

watching cody with his daughter has been one of the best experiences in my life.  these pictures perfectly capture his love and therefore are my favorite pictures of all.

our little new year's baby had her birth announced in the local newspapers.  such a fun keepsake for her in the future!

baby girl was having none of that nakey baby business!

all photos were taken by deshi.  she takes beautiful pictures and thankfully didn't mind the seventeen nursing breaks that evelyn requested throughout the session ;).