Three years ago, we welcomed this spunky, sweet little lady into the world.  She is one of the most entertaining people I have been around and loves being the center of attention.  She loves to be a mommy, both to her baby dolls and her little sister.  She loves to talk and conversations with her never disappoint.  In the past year, we have watched her learn how to use the potty, sleep in a big girl bed, pick out her outfits and dress herself, learn the words to every children's song and Christmas song there is, drive her gator, memorize Bible verses, dance like a little ballerina, and much, much more.  

We celebrated her birthday a couple days ago.  I had asked her several times over the past month what she decorations she would like at her party.  She decided she would really like a tea party.  I asked if she would like to serve tea, but she thought maybe just coffee and milk.  I let her pick the menu; pizza, salad, and strawberries.  And of course, we had to have blue cupcakes.  Happy third birthday Evelyn Emma!


Our Christmas

This Christmas, we decided to add a few new traditions for our little family.  We bought our first real tree and incorporated an advent calendar.  Each day we read a few verses from the Bible and either opened a present or did a winter activity.  We all loved having a simple reminder each day about what this season is really about, and it was nice to make sure we got all our Christmas bucket list items on the schedule!  Since the girls had already opened several presents throughout the past month, there were just a few under the tree come Christmas morning.  Evelyn was thrilled to find Santa had brought her the socks for her baby she had asked for.  Their baby dolls also received a new wardrobe and bedding {I have been quite busy sewing this past month!} while Evelyn and Hazel got a new dollhouse and dress up clothes.  Of course, they received many additional presents from family and have been enjoying playing with each gift. Christmas just keeps getting better and better with these two little babes!


Christmas Tree Farm

Last week, Cody and I were talking about our Christmas tree and where we were going to put it.  Evelyn was listening in and asked where the tree was.  I told her it was in a forest and we had to go cut it down.  She quickly responded, "no mom, it's downstairs in a box!"  Sometimes her memory amazes me, as she was exactly right.  Every year Cody drags that box up the stairs and we put together our little artificial tree.  And as much as I love that tree, I couldn't wait to take the girls to pick out and cut down our own tree this year.  Santa and his reindeer were at the tree farm and Evelyn told him maybe she would like some socks for her baby doll for Christmas.  She completely forgot about the vacuum she has been asking for for weeks now.  I am currently sitting in my living room, surrounded by the smell of our fresh tree and I'm pretty sure it was the best decision I have made in awhile.



Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of a very special little lady.  Her actual birthday was on Friday, and was quite eventful as it was the first snowstorm of the season and we were without power for 17 hours.  By Sunday, the power was back and the roads were cleared up enough for everyone to gather together for brunch, cake, and lots of gifts.  It is definitely nice having a two-year-old at a first birthday party so mom doesn't get stuck opening all the presents.  I think Evelyn opened all but one {and has probably played with all the toys more than Hazel has too}.  Happy birthday Hazel, we are so happy to have you in our family and love watching you grow!