Christmas Tree Farm

Last week, Cody and I were talking about our Christmas tree and where we were going to put it.  Evelyn was listening in and asked where the tree was.  I told her it was in a forest and we had to go cut it down.  She quickly responded, "no mom, it's downstairs in a box!"  Sometimes her memory amazes me, as she was exactly right.  Every year Cody drags that box up the stairs and we put together our little artificial tree.  And as much as I love that tree, I couldn't wait to take the girls to pick out and cut down our own tree this year.  Santa and his reindeer were at the tree farm and Evelyn told him maybe she would like some socks for her baby doll for Christmas.  She completely forgot about the vacuum she has been asking for for weeks now.  I am currently sitting in my living room, surrounded by the smell of our fresh tree and I'm pretty sure it was the best decision I have made in awhile.



Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of a very special little lady.  Her actual birthday was on Friday, and was quite eventful as it was the first snowstorm of the season and we were without power for 17 hours.  By Sunday, the power was back and the roads were cleared up enough for everyone to gather together for brunch, cake, and lots of gifts.  It is definitely nice having a two-year-old at a first birthday party so mom doesn't get stuck opening all the presents.  I think Evelyn opened all but one {and has probably played with all the toys more than Hazel has too}.  Happy birthday Hazel, we are so happy to have you in our family and love watching you grow!


Bambi & Thumper

Bambi was always one of my favorite movies growing up, so seeing these two dressed as Bambi and Thumper was the sweetest thing.  We were able to go trick or treating this year for the first time.  In the past we have just stopped by family, but this year we met up with some friends and went door to door.  Evelyn and her little friend, a fox, held hands the entire time and it was pretty cute to see them doing their thing.  Hazel relaxed in the stroller for her first Halloween, but I'm sure next year she will be eager to join in the fun too!


Fall Hikes

a couple months ago, the girls and i made an autumn bucket list in order to squeeze in every fall activity possible.  one of the items on our list was taking a fall hike.  i hadn't been to the park in redwood falls in a few years and figured fall would be the perfect time.  we enjoyed a picnic, playing in the park, visiting the little zoo, and taking turns carrying kids through the trails.  i brought a carrier for my 17 pound child; but in hindsight, it probably should have been for my 24 pound child who kept insisting that her legs were tired, haha!  she did find a rock on the way back, which kept her occupied and walking as it was her "baby" and she had so many things to show her.

i love how they are standing the same way :)


collecting sticks to throw into the waterfall

thanks for coming with auntie nicole and for some of the photos!