Master Bedroom

Of all the rooms in our house, this room has been through the most changes.  It started out as a guestroom/office when we first moved in, turned into Evelyn's room, and is now our master bedroom.  We always knew the girls would eventually move upstairs since there is so much space for them to play, which meant we would be moving into the only other bedroom.  It was a fairly easy switch that required no painting and only a couple thousand trips up and down the stairs.  Our king size bed fits just perfectly in the space and the white walls keep the room looking airy and spacious even with the large bed.  I love how calming and cozy it is, and it is even more relaxing now that our whole family is sleeping through the night!


Our Family

Last November, we took some photos to capture Hazel at age one, as well as our little family of four.  As you can tell by the number of photos I shared, I had a hard time narrowing down our favorites {and didn't even post most of them!}.  I just love this age and stage of our girls right now and it was such a beautiful day going through our normal rhythm as a family.  Thank you Stacy Kron Photography for these beautiful memories!



Three years ago, we welcomed this spunky, sweet little lady into the world.  She is one of the most entertaining people I have been around and loves being the center of attention.  She loves to be a mommy, both to her baby dolls and her little sister.  She loves to talk and conversations with her never disappoint.  In the past year, we have watched her learn how to use the potty, sleep in a big girl bed, pick out her outfits and dress herself, learn the words to every children's song and Christmas song there is, drive her gator, memorize Bible verses, dance like a little ballerina, and much, much more.  

We celebrated her birthday a couple days ago.  I had asked her several times over the past month what she decorations she would like at her party.  She decided she would really like a tea party.  I asked if she would like to serve tea, but she thought maybe just coffee and milk.  I let her pick the menu; pizza, salad, and strawberries.  And of course, we had to have blue cupcakes.  Happy third birthday Evelyn Emma!