Hazel Lou Turns Two

Yesterday, our baby girl turned two.  She's incredibly sweet and equally sassy.  She's been singing happy birthday to herself all week and insists she is turning three.  She calls her sister Emma and I sort of hope she never outgrows that.  She loves her family, but her papa has always held a special spot in her heart.  She is big into naming her emotions right now, including sad, happy, frust {frustrated}, and scared.  Half the time, she is extremely opinionated in what she wants.  The other half, she simply yells "me too!" when Evelyn wants something.  Her favorite toy is her baby and she is constantly rocking her, feeding her, or putting her to sleep.  I can't wait to see her become a big sister soon!  Although, she also makes a pretty good little sister as her favorite game to play is to steal something that belongs to Evelyn {usually Susette} and then run away as fast as she can.  She loves to cuddle and is always giving the biggest hugs and kisses.  She despises clothing and appropriately spent her entire birthday in her birthday suit.  Hazel Lou, we love you so much and hope you had a wonderful second birthday!



The Little White Cottage

Over the summer, my mom and dad bought a playhouse for the girls as an early Christmas present.  We found a cute little house on Craigslist that just needed a little paint and love.  The house was a little smaller than I was looking for, but it was tall enough for an adult to stand up comfortably.  My dad removed the ceiling and exposed the rafters in order for it to feel more spacious inside.  He also fixed some of the rotten wood, while Cody gave the exterior and interior a few coats of fresh white paint.  The linoleum floor was rotten and moldy, so I removed it hoping to be able to paint the subfloor instead.  Unfortunately, pieces of that were also rotten and needed to be replaced.  We decided to cover it with some inexpensive pine wall paneling.  Once all that was finished, it was time to decorate!    

I wanted a little kitchen, table, and bench for the girls to be able to use.  We made the kitchen out of a cheap shelf and cut a hole for the "sink" {mixing bowl}.  Cody made the bench out of scrap wood so we could all have a comfy place to sit when we are in there.  Evelyn wasn't a fan of the bench while it was being built and kept requesting us to remove it because it wasn't "sturdy enough".  As soon as I added the cushions, though, she changed her mind and it is her now her favorite spot in the house.  I finished cozying up the space by sewing some curtains, pillows, kitchen skirt, and bunting.  The rest of the playhouse was decorated with things we found around the house and thrifted items.  The girls and the kitties could spend hours in here each day and have really enjoyed having this little home for themselves.



Forcing a smile while she keeps muttering, "this is disgusting".

With the weather finally starting to cool off and feel like fall, it seems appropriate to reflect back on our summer.  It was a quiet season, with a lot of time spent swimming at the lake, playing in the new playhouse, and trying to keep our new kitties alive.  Thankfully, our cat-killing dog was able to learn how to peacefully coexist with them {and dare I say even enjoy playing with them?!} and they are alive and well.  They weren't very comfortable around people at first, but after a lot of love, they are now a little too friendly and I can't seem to keep them out of my house or off my lap.  We also spent a lot of time fixing up the girls' playhouse that my parents purchased off Craigslist.  They can't seem to spend enough time out there and I can't wait to share more about it later.  In a couple short months, we will be welcoming a new family member.  It seems crazy that we are already on number three, and I have enjoyed all the little videos I have of the girls over the years to look back on when I feel they are growing too fast.  I put together a short video of some of our summer activities because I know these lazy summers won't last for long!