Otto Everett

Welcome sweet Otto, we are so happy to have you.

Photos by Jessica Ann Photography


Four Years

Four years ago, this little girl made me a mom.  I remember that cold January day well as we received the best New Year's gift we could ask for.  Now we have two more and the best little mama there is.  She is always looking out for her brother and sister and Hazel will usually go to her first when she needs help with something.  When Hazel doesn't want to go to kids' church, Ev will take her by the hand and play with her the whole time so she "won't be scared of all the people".  Most nights, she is more than willing to share her twin bed and when mama needs to get things done she will happily hold Otto for as long as possible.  None of us are really sure what we are going to do when she starts preschool next year, but we do know that we are lucky to have her.  She is a performer at heart and will gladly sing and dance for anyone who will watch.  Which also means multiple costume changes that always end with her in her "comfies".  Happy Birthday little lady!  I'm sorry you didn't wake up any bigger but we sure do love you, no matter your size!



 Well, here we are, survivors of the day after Christmas.  Anyone with small children knows the day after holidays can be rough with too much sugar and too little sleep.  We have been staying in our jammies all week, trying out our new gifts, and taking long naps all while ignoring the frigid temperatures outside.  As I reflect back on this advent season, it is hard to believe all that has changed.  We spent the beginning of December packing in as many activities as we could.  Right in the middle of it all, we welcomed our new family member, Otto, and spent the rest of the season slowing down and enjoying all the stillness that comes with a newborn.  We are still adjusting and trying to find our new rhythms and look forward to the new beginnings that come with the new year.


Two Girls and Some Pets

Ever since getting our cats this summer, I have been wanting to get a nice family picture with all our furry friends.  I planned on taking a few pictures of the girls for our Christmas card, so we decided to allow all the pets to join in as well.  It went about as well as you would expect, but I just can't get enough of them!