strawberries and eighteen months

yesterday, this little peanut turned eighteen months old and a little peanut she is.  none of her new summer shorts seemed to be fitting so i pulled out some six month clothes from last year and they fit like a dream.  who said kids are expensive ;).  and although her body may be tiny, her personality is not.  the other day at the grocery store an older gentleman commented on what a sweet, quiet little girl she is.  i just chuckled to myself.  if he only knew!  so we have been busy over here learning important things, like using inside voices and how to properly throw our heads back when we laugh.  between that and constant requests for rides on the "lawn mow" with daddy and papa, we sure are enjoying this age.


evelyn's room


after evelyn's first birthday, we decided it was high time to move her out of our bedroom.  we were reluctant to give up our office/guest room, especially with such a large master bedroom.  after a couple months of poor sleeping, however, we took the plunge and it has been great.  we filled it right away with her favorite things-a teepee, books, and stuffed animals-which helped her feel right at home.  i purchased her quilt first and used it as an inspiration for the colors in her room, even though she isn't able to use it quite yet.  since kid's toys tend to be bright and colorful, i kept the rest of the room really light and neutral.  the walls are painted simply white by benjamin moore.  i have the hardest time picking paint colors, but after finding this one i am in love and want to cover my whole house in it.  it is the perfect white.  

while putting her room together, my parents came across my old rocking chair my uncle had made when i was little.  it was fun to incorporate it into her reading nook along with a fun rug for some color.  the picture ledges as bookshelves was an idea i had seen floating around the internets and knew they had to be included in evelyn's room.  for a month straight, every time she walked into her room she would stop and say, "ooooh, books!".  i think it's safe to say she loves it too.  


fifteen months

i couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to share a few pictures of my fifteen month old.  this little girl can be sweet, loud, talkative, cuddly, bossy, and silly all within mere seconds.  she keeps us on our toes!  the way she talks is the best and she is getting used to using her words to make requests instead of grunting/whining/pointing.  my favorite word of hers right now is when she tells boston “no, no, no” and wags her little finger at him.  apparently we must tell him that a lot?  i doubt it will be as cute when she is older.  she was so ready for spring to arrive and has been soaking it all in.  the warm days have brought many trips to the park, chasing boston around the yard, and riding in the tractor with daddy.  her favorite time of day still seems to be when daddy comes home.  she spends his entire lunch hour giving him little squinty-eyed giggles that only seem to make an appearance for him.  she loves her new room, but her little reading corner is probably her favorite.  she could read books all day!  sometimes she prefers reading on her own, other times she requests to sit on my lap.  it is fun to see this passion developing in her!



 if you ask evelyn how old she is, she will hold up her tiny little pointer finger and wave it in the air as proud as can be.  although i am also so proud of her, it is hard to believe 2015 came so fast.  we celebrated as a family of three a few days ago by taking evelyn to see some big fishies at the moa.  her special day was saved in order to have a big celebration with all her favorite people.  it was a successful day filled with balloons, cake, and lots of people to hold her. cody and i bought her a teepee for her birthday and surprised her with it while she was sleeping.  she was so excited to play with it when she woke up and has been playing peek-a-boo in it every since.  she has also slowly been exploring all of her many, many new toys she received from grandparents, aunts, and uncles and loves them all. 

my little one-year-old; she is such a joy to be around. whenever she hears someone laugh, she is quick to join in like she is in on the joke.  of course it makes everyone laugh even harder which is just fine with her.  she is starting to talk in “sentences” lately and has a whole lot of words in her vocabulary.  she still loves giving kisses, tickling tummies, and finding her toesies.  she learns something new each day and is becoming more and more fun to interact with.  somehow i have a feeling 2015 will be just as exciting.

and now, a little recap of the year 2014.  if you have any emotional attachment to my daughter or are just an emotional person, grab your tissues and enjoy.



i remember wondering last christmas if we would be celebrating that year as a family of two or a family of three.  after the day passed with no baby to be seen, i couldn’t help but become extremely excited for christmas 2014.  i looked forward to it all year.  and when it finally arrived, it was as magical as i imagined.  evelyn wasn’t really interested in opening presents, or even so much what was inside of them, but i like to think that the first year is really just a grace period for mom to get her act together.  evelyn must have been really good this year because she received entirely too many toys.  let the toy rotation begin!  eight christmas parties later and we are wiped out.  i think we will nap until her birthday!