a christmas post

evelyn and i have spent the last few weeks preparing for a very exciting first christmas.  although the tree went up right after thanksgiving, we have been taking our time with the rest of the decorations so as to enjoy the process instead of stressing about the product.  i talked a little about simplifying when it comes to seasonal decor during fall decorating, and the christmas season has followed the same path.  the focus is on handmade and nature inspired instead of simply store bought goods.  our tree is an exception as i am quite fond of our little artificial friend.  after spending nearly an entire day replacing lightbulbs, however, i do believe i will be taking the plunge into fresh cut next year.  stockings were also an exception as we had one more to add this year.  slowly but surely we have been adding additional winter touches all around our home.  we have gathered clippings, brought out some candles, strung fresh garland, and baked salt dough ornaments.  we limited most of our purchases to non-seasonal items-white pillar candles, brass candle holders, and simple white lights.  the smell of the evergreen clippings fill the air and the sound of old christmas records can be heard all day long.  the presents are mostly wrapped and we have plans for holiday baking later this week.

for an eleven month old, the lights, tree, and {non-breakable} ornaments are all completely fascinating.  she has discovered the presents under the tree, but hasn't tried to open them yet.  i am counting down the days {8!} to our first christmas as a family of three + b and we all cannot wait.


eleven months old

the little things i want to remember about evelyn in her last month of her first year:

the sound of her hands and feet pitter pattering across the wood floors as she explores; the squeak of the doors as she opens and shuts, opens and shuts; the way she lights up any time daddy comes home; the amount of food she can eat; how much she loves giving hugs and kisses whenever we ask; how her favorite toys are still keys, phones, and puppies; the way she talks to people when we are out in public and brightens everyone's day; how she communicates with her signs, words, and constant pointing; how funny she thinks she is when she tickles mama's belly; the hour or so before bedtime when she gets silly and giggly and loves playing on mom and dad's bed; the way she runs away from us and looks over her shoulder with a smirk to make sure we are chasing her; and of course, the way she just loves to dance whenever she hears the beat.  i sure do love this little girl.


the leopard chairs

if you have been to my home in the past year or follow me on instagram, you have most likely already seen my friendly leopard {cheetah? no one knows} chairs.  for those who haven't, allow me to officially introduce you.  i found these two guys on craigslist and fell hard for their perfect lines, size, and comfort level.  they were in great shape, but the colors and pattern didn't blend well with the rest of my home.  

i didn't see that as a problem though.  i like to try everything once {design wise at least} and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to dabble in reupholstery.  who knows, it may end up being my passion in life?

after a good five hours of breaking staple after staple, sore hands, and only half of one chair to show for it while nine months pregnant, i realized that no, reupholstery is definitely not for me.  do you know how many staples they use to hold fabric onto a chair?  a lot.  i decided to throw in the towel and not touch another staple until my baby was born.  i also decided to reevaluate how much i really wanted to do these guys myself.  with a new baby in my arms, the answer was not at all.  so cody explored some professional reupholstery options for my birthday and came up with a price i wasn't exactly thrilled with.  on top of it all, boston had officially claimed one of the chairs as his own.  like, try sitting in it and he will stare a hole through you until you move.  and forget that glass of water you are longing for.  so where am i going with all this?  well, i realized how nice it would be to be able to wash the chairs every now and then and not have to worry about getting them dirty.  it was decided, we would be going with custom slipcovers.

i ended up going with the slipcover man out of minneapolis and was extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of his work.  the cost ended up being less than half the price of reupholstery, plus i am able to wash them in my washing machine. win. win.


a guest bedroom and office

going through my blog, i realized it has been far too long since i have updated my home photos.  my house has changed quite a bit in the last couple of years and i am excited to show some of the progress.  first things first, i realized i never had a post dedicated to our finished guest bedroom/office space.  here we go!

the nightstand/dresser is a perfect little piece of furniture for this space.  it was given to me, which is the best way to acquire furniture in my opinion.  it serves as my dresser as well as a place for us to store our computer printer.  you can read more about its transformation here.  

we inherited cody's old bed for the room and purchased the bed frame and duvet set from ikea.

the desk was a craigslist find and just needed a little love and some new hardware.  you can read more about it here.  the desk chair is from goodwill and also received a facelift.

the command center is a great way for our small office space to stay organized, although it still is usually filled with lots of bills and papers!

this is the view from our guest rom down the hall into our laundry room.  my clothes are kept in this closet since it is so close to our only bathroom and our bedroom is lacking in closet space.  my clothes fit great thanks to my closet organization system.

in the next few months we will be working on converting this into a bedroom for a certain little girl in our home.  she is pretty excited to start decorating :)


baby slippers

it seems as if winter has officially arrived.  i haven’t decided exactly how i feel about that yet, but i do know that trying to keep an active crawler warm is a whole different ballgame than trying to keep an immobile newborn warm.  where i would once knit tiny little booties to keep little toes warm, i must now provide warmth, comfort, easy mobility and traction for our slippery wood floors. 

evelyn and i were suffering from a bit of cabin fever this week, thanks to all the snow, so we ventured out to grab some supplies for her new slippers.  we found a perfect old sweater at goodwill and some non-slip fabric at jo-ann’s.  i used this pattern, but i added extra ribbing on top in order to allow the boot to fold over.  i followed the tutorial provided, except i left sewing the tube together for last.  since knitted material tends to stretch, i found it was much easier to gauge how much i would need after it was attached to the sole.  i ended up cutting off quite a bit of fabric compared to the pattern provided.  the entire project only took about an hour to complete. i had to refrain from waking her up from her nap in order to try them on her.  once she woke up, however, they were a perfect fit.