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washington state

it has been a week since we have returned from our vacation in washington and evelyn and i still seem to be on their time {hello 11 o'clock bedtime!}.  since we have returned we have been blessed with a summer cold {her}, unexplainable hives {me}, and no good reason to wake up any earlier than 9 o'clock.  slowly but surely we are getting back into the swing of things before school starts though.

we headed to anacortes for a family wedding along with cody's entire family {minus two}.  we took an rv with cody's parents and brothers and road tripped in style.  really bumpy, motion-sickness inducing style.  but evelyn seemed to enjoy it nonetheless and we made it there and back in one piece.  the first couple days we spent helping prepare for the wedding.  well, evelyn and i didn't do as much helping as we did supervising.  we also started out the vacation celebrating a little anniversary {four years!}.  after the wedding was over, we took the opportunity to check washington out a little bit.  evelyn and i had never been, so we wanted to see as much as we could.  we spent a day hiking around deception pass as well as a day exploring seattle.  evelyn wasn't quite as angry about her dip in the ocean as she was last time.  we also enjoyed eating some local food, giving evelyn her first taste of a farmer's market fresh nectarine {and dealing with the sugar high that followed}, and spending time with family.  we ended the trip with a stop in south dakota to visit her other grandparents.  i put together another little video of our trip.  i hope you enjoy!

music: on top of the world by imagine dragons


seven months old

miss evelyn turned seven months old yesterday.  we celebrated with some garage saling and a picnic, which she requested because her mom is teaching her well.  i'm pretty sure this last month of her life was her fastest one yet.  i'm sure it is because summer always seems to be the fastest time of the year.  we started introducing solids this past month, to which evelyn said no thank you to baby food.  so she has been trying out some finger foods like green beans, sweet potato fingers, and carrots.  little miss independent is loving this whole feeding herself thing, although she isn't quite sure about swallowing yet.  babyproofing is definitely on our to-do list this month, as she is a little too mobile these days and has discovered that outlets are quite fun to grab.  she has mastered the baby push-up this month, as well as the pouty face/hands in the air/i want to be picked up.  speaking of which, that's my cue!



i prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what i asked of him.  so now i give him to the Lord.

1 Samuel 1:27-28

we had the incredible blessing yesterday of dedicating our daughter to the Lord.  on a beautiful, breezy sunday afternoon, we celebrated with our loved ones.  i am honored to have all of these wonderful people in evelyn’s life and i know they will all be great role models for her as she grows in her relationship with the lord.  her erickson grandparents opened up their lake home for the celebration, while my mom prepared some delicious food and it really was just a lovely day.


happy half-birthday!

my little bug is six months old!  it is so fun to see how far she has come over the past month.  she loves rolling all around, sitting up, and standing with some help.  she mastered rolling to her tummy several weeks ago, which has been real fun during sleepytime and playtime!  some nights i find i have to pin her down so she doesn't keep rolling instead of sleeping.  and although she used to love playing on her back on the floor, this is no more.  she now flips the second you lay her down and instead of rolling back over, she attempts to crawl.  she can scoot on her belly pretty well, but the crawling just isn't there yet and it is frustrating {mostly for her ;)}.  i'm hoping it will be soon for the sake of all of us, especially since she has recently started tucking her knees and propelling forward with a little bit of help.  how tough it is to be little!  naps are pretty much non-existent these days, which i keep hoping is just a phase.  thankfully, we figured out some sure-fire ways to get a belly laugh, or at the very least a big smile, no matter how sleepy she is.  she has been enjoying eating dinner with us at the table in her high chair and is excited to start trying some real food of her own now.  one of her favorite activities this month is watching and petting puppies.  she can't get enough of boston and hates that she can't chase after him yet.  now boston on the other hand...