Girl's Bedroom

Ten years ago on a warm summer evening, my then-boyfriend took me to a little old farmhouse his parents owned.  We walked through the house that was between renters and pictured it as our own. We went upstairs to the attic where the sun was bouncing off the buttercream walls.  The room was huge, but it felt so cozy with the sloped ceilings, original doors and little nooks and crannies.  I couldn't help but picture a little crib tucked in the window nook and babies playing in the corner.  Ten years and two kids later, our babies are enjoying this room as much as I had imagined.  Hazel's crib is tucked away in the little nook, as was Evelyn's before her.  The walls have been painted, but the sun still streams in from all directions making it the happiest room in our home.

Their little closet fort is a favorite around here.

This room if full of dreams of the future, but we also wanted to bring in bits of the past.  The room has been filled with my old monogrammed rocking chair made by my uncle, a floral quilt my aunt made for me many years ago, hand knitted blankets made by their mama, a vintage rocking chair complete with many layers of fabric from years past, an old teddy bear picked out by daddy on our first date, books my mom saved from my childhood, a dresser that has been passed down, and an old framed "sweet dreams" postcard my grandmother thought was worth keeping.

We don't keep many toys up there in order to make it a peaceful place for sleeping.  It is filled with stuffed animals, books, and their wooden dollhouse they received last Christmas, which they love to play with as they are winding down for bed...right after they run laps from one side of the room to the other ;).  Cody and I were really dragging our feet when it came time to move Hazel out of our room.  I wasn't sure how a baby and toddler would do in a room together and for the first couple weeks it was pretty rough.  Hazel wasn't sleeping through the night yet and anytime she would make a peep, Evelyn would wake up and yell at the top of her lungs "Mom! You need to feed her!".  We reminded her each night she had to stay quiet when Hazel made noises and she quickly caught on.  After about a week, I was able to go upstairs and nurse Hazel without Evelyn saying a word.  As soon as I would put Hazel back down and try sneaking out of the room,  however, I would hear a little voice say, "hey mom, over here".  It happened every night and still made me laugh each time.  Hazel now sleeps through the night and both of them have become much deeper sleepers.  They love sharing a room and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

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