Dave Ramsey Fabric Envelopes

My sister has been following Dave Ramsey's envelope system for awhile now.  A couple of months ago, we were shopping together and I noticed her fumbling through her purse trying to retrieve her cash without pulling out her wallet.  Upon closer inspection, I realized there was no wallet.  Only this:

No wonder she was hiding it.  I knew I needed to do something, so I did some pinterest research and came across this tutorial for fabric envelopes.   

The tutorial suggests cutting out squares 7 3/4 x 7 3/4, but I found it easier for me to just cut out 8 x 8.  That way, I didn't have to worry about sewing so close to the edge.  

I used a medium weight interfacing for the inside of the envelopes.  I wanted the envelopes to be firm, but not too bulky since there were so many.

I chose coordinating fabrics in blues and greens for the envelopes so that the inside and outside would look good together.

The tutorial was very helpful for how to sew the envelopes together.  After making 8 envelopes, I decided to make a holder for them all.  I did not have any instructions for this, so I went with the whole trial and error method.  The dimensions of the large envelope ended up being 10 1/2 inches wide by 14 inches from the tip to the bottom.  The peak of the envelope started at 10 1/2 inches.  I followed the same process as the smaller envelopes, except I skipped sewing a seam at the bottom of the envelope in order to allow for more space.

I also sewed a small piece of cord between the two fabrics and a button on the front of the fabric in order to close the envelope.

And after only one error, the envelopes all fit inside of the holder!

I should probably go make a set for myself now too.


  1. and me too! I need to find this book strictly for the reason to use the envelopes and make some cute ones!

  2. Wow Tara, I bet your sister loved it!

  3. Yes Tamsyn, she really did! And Meghan, at least you are wanting to read this book for the right reasons :)

  4. Very cute! I love your fabric.


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