Twine Wrapped Candle Holder

I love burning candles in my home, but I hate how they look sitting around the house.  I bought a large vase from Target {for $15 which is a splurge for me} and loved it.  That is, until Annie told me it was ugly.  Okay, so she didn't actually say it was ugly, she just said it didn't look good with the rest of the room.  And she was right.  I bought it during a period where I was convinced navy blue was the perfect color for my living room.  That period lasted about a week, and then I was stuck with this expensive candle holder.

I wanted to replace this vase altogether, so off to Goodwill I went where I found this lovely large vase.

I planned on making this:

 But gluing straight sticks onto a curvy vase is next to impossible.  I tried really hard, but it just wasn't working out for me.  So I decided to use twine instead.

 At night, it looks as if the whole vase is on fire.  Scary the first time, awesome after that.

 Well Anna Banana, hopefully you like this vase a little better.  But if not, keep it to yourself this time :)

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