nine months old

where do i even begin with this little bug?  the older she gets, the more i could just go on and on about her.  so to spare you from reading a novel, i will try to highlight just a few of my favorite things right now.  she is definitely on the move.  she loves exploring all over the house and doesn't seem to notice if i follow or not.  she tries standing up on everything she can-tables, couches, chairs, computers-but her absolute favorite is the dishwasher.  i have to reload the spoons she throws out about fourteen times a day, but it is all worth it to see how fast she can crawl as soon as i crack it open.  mealtimes are the best time of the day right now.  she is just such a goof while eating, in between bites, and as soon as the washcloth comes out to wipe her face.  she loves every second of it.  she figured out how to drink out of a straw a couple weeks ago and it is easily my favorite thing to watch.  she is also interested in drinking out of cups and will pretend to slurp out of empty ones all day long.  she is also quite dramatic so you can imagine how refreshed she acts afterwards too.  she loves to wave and has recently picked up pointing at things.  i try not to take it to heart when she points at me and starts laughing.  if only i knew what she was thinking.  cody and i often remark at how much more we laugh now that she is around.  and then we look back at her newborn pictures and cry and somehow it all balances out.  

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