five minute headbands

when i was pregnant with evelyn, i found this 5 minute legging tutorial.  i was able to make a couple pairs before her arrival and loved how simple the process was.  while looking for skirts to make leggings out of, i came across some bow clips and decided to make my own five minute headbands, no sewing required!

for supplies, you will need bow tie hair clips, elastic, and a hot glue gun.  forever 21 has tons of adorable hair clips.  i was able to get a three pack for $2.80 plus 20% off and free shipping.  they also carry many different sizes.  i chose the smallest size for evelyn.  the elastic i chose was from jo-ann.  if it is too thin it always seems to leave a mark, but if it is too thick it won't fit the bow.  the elastic i chose was the perfect width and had a nice lace detail to make the headband even cuter.

the first, and definitely most time consuming, step is to peel off the fabric connecting the bow.  it is hot glued on, but you must be careful not to rip it as you will need to use it again.  some of the bows were easy while others while stuck on pretty tight.

once the bow is unwrapped, you can glue on one side of your elastic.

after gluing down one side and allowing it to dry, measure around your child's head to get a good fit.  i like to make sure not to stretch it at all so the headband will be able to be worn longer.

after measuring the elastic, cut and glue down the second end.  you can then rewrap the piece of fabric that you took off earlier and use your glue to secure it.

and that is it!  my favorite thing about this project is you can remake them once they outgrow them and keep using the original bow.  i also kept the clip in case i want to reattach them when the headbands no longer work.  and if you have boys, i think these would make the cutest little bow-ties!

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