Our Christmas

This Christmas, we decided to add a few new traditions for our little family.  We bought our first real tree and incorporated an advent calendar.  Each day we read a few verses from the Bible and either opened a present or did a winter activity.  We all loved having a simple reminder each day about what this season is really about, and it was nice to make sure we got all our Christmas bucket list items on the schedule!  Since the girls had already opened several presents throughout the past month, there were just a few under the tree come Christmas morning.  Evelyn was thrilled to find Santa had brought her the socks for her baby she had asked for.  Their baby dolls also received a new wardrobe and bedding {I have been quite busy sewing this past month!} while Evelyn and Hazel got a new dollhouse and dress up clothes.  Of course, they received many additional presents from family and have been enjoying playing with each gift. Christmas just keeps getting better and better with these two little babes!

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