After a year of marriage, Cody and I finally purchased some nightstands!  It might be because I am fussy, but I just couldn't find nightstands that I liked...until now.  

I found these babies at a hotel furniture warehouse in Brooklyn Park.  There were about 40 of them so I didn't have to worry about finding matching ones!  All they needed was a little spray paint.

I sanded the nightstands down and applied primer.  It took a couple coats to get rid of the dark green.  I then tried the Krylon metallic spray paint but ended up with horrible streaks that wouldn't go away no many how many coats I put on.  I eventually gave up and bought the silver metallic spray paint by Rustoleum.  The coverage was great, it only took one coat to completely cover the white paint.  I left the original hardware, so this upcycle was very affordable.

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