she wanted her babies included in her pictures.

naturally, it always ends in lots of kisses for Hazel.

on new year's day, we welcomed in a new year for the earth and for our baby girl.  the first song she learned to sing and the one she requests most often is twinkle twinkle little star, so we wanted to incorporate it into her special day.  she is also deeply in love with the color blue, so we had to include that as well.  we invited her favorite people over to help us celebrate and forced her to open more presents {a piano! just what mom and dad were hoping for ;)}.  she devoured her cupcake focusing mainly on the frosting, as it should be.  she then decided she shouldn't have to nap on her birthday, so no naps were had.  it was a wonderful day and we couldn't be more thankful for these last two years with her.

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