Fall + Pillowcases = Love

 It's true, I love pillowcases.  And although I really liked the previous ones I made here, they didn't feel like fall.  So I sat down with a cup of chai tea, a Harvest candle by Yankee, and my mother-in-law's sewing maching (fingers crossed Santa will bring me my very own this Christmas!).  

Too bad they will only last for a few more weeks before Christmas!

I'm not sure if they are comfy enough though, let's ask Boston...



  1. That picture of Boston actually makes me wana cuddle with him.... I'm almost a little uncomforatble with this feeling

  2. Look at little bosty!! he is so adorable with his legs like that!

  3. Ann! You should you would love it :). I LOVE his legs like that too Meghan!


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