322 Days....

The number of days we have been living in our house.  And ironically, also the number of days that I have been looking for a buffet to fill this wall....

Ignore the flash about brown, apparently it is the ONLY picture I took of the empty wall in those 322 days.

Anyway, I spent months trying to find the perfect buffet.  I looked everywhere I could think of.  Then I came across this pretty little guy....

It was beautiful, but it was out of my price range.  So I kept looking, and looking, and looking.  Until one day the hubby politely said, "with all the money you are spending driving around to look for buffets, you could have bought that expensive one by now".  Words of wisdom.  It had been there for six months, and I decided I shall go back to the store the very next day and claim my belonging.

The very next day, it was gone.  Moral of the story....do not wait 6 months to buy a piece of used furniture.  Well I guess that really isn't the moral of the story since my story is not finished yet.

So, you can imagine how upset I was.  I was so upset I drove right home, sat down with the computer, and vowed that I would not stop looking until I found a buffet.  And then I found it.

It was at a little occasional store in Dassel called Anne's.  I drove straight there to pick it up.

So I guess the real moral of the story is to have patience (yuck).  Not only did I find a perfect buffet, but I also came home with a cute little scale....

and a dresser that was already painted white (the next item on my list).

The drawers were a little nasty, and I knew the hubs would NOT appreciate having to put his clothes in there.

I lined the drawers with some extra fabric I had from my old headboard and they looked good as new!

So there you have it, 322 days of patience.  A new personal record.


  1. Ok I am obsessed with the buffet!! did you paint it or did it come black? it has so much character! and the scale is amazing too

  2. It came that color, but it actually is not black in person. It is one of those dark blue/green colors that you can't label. I will actually be painting it so it goes better in my house!


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