A Sophisticated Study Space

This summer, I decided to transform our spare bedroom into an office where I could do my schoolwork.  I had the best intentions, I really did.

My sister downsized and no longer had room for her desk, so she gifted it to me.  All I needed was a chair.  I found a lovely lounger for $6 at Goodwill.  And boy, I sure wish you all could have been there to witness that adventure!  I happened to purchase this chair the same day I purchased my nightstands, and somehow thought they would all fit just fine in my average size car.  My friend Kari and I spent about 20 minutes loading then unloading, then loading the car again trying to get it all in there (I was 2 hours from home and I was NOT about to make two trips).  Somehow, we managed to stuff everything in the car (including ourselves) and make it to a bridal shower.  Sure we arrived late and sweaty, but we arrived!

 After the hassle, I completely forgot to take a before picture.  I did take a picture of the seat cushion, though.

I'm sure you can tell that it really was lovely.  I painted the entire frame an off-white color and purchased some new fabric for the cushion.

Now please, try to ignore the messy and unfinished room as you admire my beautiful chair in its new home.  I really wish I could say I use it all the time.  Unfortunately, I spent the last 17 years of my life doing my homework on a bed or a couch, so I'm not really sure why I thought I would change now.

At least I have a spot in case I ever change my mind!


  1. Oh my gosh I love the stripes!! so cute and i love the office space!


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