I Love Mustard (The Color That Is)

Oh hello there.  It is just me, sportin' my new scarf.  I never thought I would finish, but it ended up going a lot quicker than I thought.  I was even able to wear it for Thanksgiving!  So happy to now have another article of clothing in my current favorite color.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and didn't spend too much money this morning!

P.S.  I wanna give a little shout out to Annie and her amazingly flattering dedication.  Check it out here :)


  1. This turned out soooo good and I'm impressed you got done with it so quick! It seriously took me like over 6 months to finish my first measly scarf! Did you end up connecting lengths or widths? I really like it and i hope we can hang soon with matching scarfs and baby bumps at the mall ;)

  2. Why thank you, I connected the widths. And thank you for inspiring me to make it! I'm thinking it would look really good with a baby bump...


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