Basement Renovation

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have been living in our home for almost a year now.  When we moved in, the basement was unfinished and a little dingy.

Okay, a lot dingy.  

And cold.  

And dark.

So we added some insulation.

And lots and lots of lights.

And when I say we, I do not in anyway mean me.  I don't think I even stepped foot in the basement during this part.

But after the mudding and taping was finished, I was able to finally see the potential in this little space.

It was sooo bright in there after the sheet rock and lights went up.

So we added a little bit of a darker paint color.  The color choices were a very hard decision.  I had my vision, but Cody had his vision for his "man cave".  In the end, the compromise left us both a little unsatisfied.  That is not supposed to happen in compromises!

I really like the taupe/gray/beige/green wall (seriously, no one can figure out what color it is, it could go any which way).  We were even able to talk the in-laws into helping paint.  It was a good thing too because they ended up doing more than Cody or me.

A year later, it is still a work in progress.  We bought furniture right away, but no TV.  

So I guess we will leave this post with "To be continued..."

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