The Burlap Christmas Stockings Were Hung

Here is another little sneaky peaky of my Christmas decor!

I made some burlap stockings for the fam.  It was a pretty simple process, being as I bought already made stockings for $1 at Walmart and just sewed the burlap around them.  This way, I was able to avoid buying extra fur and having to sew it on.  Pretty smart, huh?  

Sure, they may look a more like ballet slippers than stockings, but I am trying to embrace the homemade look :).  Plus, I figured some letters could distract away from the uneven toes.

The letters were a very simple process.  I used iron on adhesive to attach the letter to the stocking instead of having to sew it on.  It was much quicker!

I bought this stuff for another purpose...

Yep, more pillows.  I am sure you never get sick of seeing all the pillowcases I make.  Okay, you probably do.  So I will NOT write another post about them.  I'll just sneak a little picture in this post just in case you are curious.  But just so you know, in my opinion these are my best ones yet.  Why you ask?

Because I added ZIPPERS!  Yep, that's right, sewed them in all by myself.  Thank you, thank you.

So remember how I mentioned I would wait to show all my Christmas decor until a special surprise arrived?   Well I just gave that special surprise away.  But if you figured out what it is, you can probably tell it is not in the right place.  That is because we have to wait for ANOTHER special surprise to arrive so we can move the first surprise into its new home {hubs doesn't want to move the special surprise twice}.  Sooooo I cannot reveal my final product just yet!  But stay tuned, because it is coming soon!

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  2. Dang Tara your pretty good at this stuff here, and so humble about your abilities! Impressive!

  3. Hey Tara very cute! Do you have a cricut? If not you should get one!

  4. Why thank you Brett :). No Jenny, I do not have a cricut, but actually I am a huge fan of the silhouette over the cricut. It has been on my list for quite some time so hopefully I will be finding one under the tree this year!


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