Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum

I am oh so excited to reveal my Christmas tree today.  I am in love with how my "rustic and red" theme turned out.

I used jute webbing for the "ribbon" around the tree.  It is actually made for chairs and comes in different colors.  I loved the slight touch of red and how perfectly it matched with my tree skirt.

The ornaments are a mixture of old ones I had in the past, ones I made myself, and unique ones I picked up over the past couple of months (Two balls in photo below are homemade).  

My absolute favorite ornament is this one :).  I picked it up at a craft show and they personalized it for free.

I made the tree skirt myself because I love the look of burlap and knew I needed it for my tree.  It was pretty simple since I was able to buy the base of the tree skirt at Walmart for $3.  It was batting in the exact shape, I just trimmed a little off the edge since it was so large.  

I turned the burlap and batting inside out and sewed them together and then finished with fur around the edge.  There are several tutorials for tree skirts online that are helpful because let's face it, I am not a sewing expert by any means!

I had to fold the fur every couple of inches in order for it to fit around the burlap, but I like that it does not lay flat.

Now cue the proud mama and her baby in front of the tree...

Such a poser.  I hope your trees are all up too!

Joining in on the party:

christmas tree party

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  1. Stumbled here through The Thrifty Chick Christmas tree party.
    I was looking for beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas to add to my favorites.
    Thanks for sharing these.


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