A Cozy Place to Read

I am notoriously known for being easily distracted when it comes to homework {just ask my college roommate}.  So the night before my exam last week, I decided to go to Ikea.  We arrived at 7:50, they closed at 8.  We had to book it.  We flew through the showroom, tried out a few different chairs, and settled on the largest one they had.  When we went to go grab the box, we realized it was a lot larger than expected.  Nicole insisted it would NOT fit in the car.  I insisted it would.  We purchased the chair and made our way to the parking lot where we soon discovered Nicole was right.  But I was not wrong.  Although the box refused to get it the car, the chair outside of the box seemed to fit just fine.

See how happy Nicole looks in the background?  But I am oh so happy that we made it work because it is perfect in my reading nook.  It will need a little tweaking in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned for that fun adventure.

The ottoman I purchased has yet to be finished as I am having a hard time picking out a fabric.  I am open to any suggestions for colors/designs!

The bedroom is slowly but surely coming along.  All these pictures definitely make me realize how much a new paint job is needed.  Any volunteers {you know who you are}?  I'll pay in treats!

And on a completely random side note...my dog is incredibly talented.  Yesterday Cody showed me how he can throw a random stick out into our grove {where there are 1.4 million other sticks} and somehow B will come back with the same exact one.  I'm thoroughly amazed.  


  1. You have no idea how jealous I am of that chair... It looks amazing. and BTW I owe you like x20 so I will paint whenever! I love that amazing little nook!

  2. Meghan! That is so nice of you! You do not owe me anything, but I will still take it :). And for you the treats may or may not include a delicious version of Boston food.


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