So. Many. Projects

I have A LOT of projects going on right now, not to mention my first exam in grad school coming up next week.  Now I'm not one to start worrying early, so by next week I will either a) be completely laid back about the whole thing, b) be completely stressed out, or c) feel super prepared to ace my first exam {doubt. it.}.  

In the meantime, let me share with you a few of my projects that are currently underway but have no end in sight.  First off, we have this little ottoman:

Don't you just love unexpected finds, especially with those legs?!  He was a Goodwill purchase and actually came with a matching chair.  I really had no interest in taking the chair home with me at this point, so I bought the set and donated the chair right back {not that I don't already give that store enough of my money}.  Now I have every single piece I need for my reading nook...except a chair.  Someday people, someday.  This may be needless to say, but the ottoman will be receiving a paint job and new fabric to tie it in with the space.  

Next, we have this lovely piece of furniture.

I bought it about a week ago from the overpriced store that I always seem to find stuff at and snatched it right up.  This is the same place that had a buffet I loved for 6 months until the day I went to go purchase it and it was sold.  I knew I needed to act quickly.  Now you may not be able to tell in the picture, but she needs a lot of love.  Her color isn't bad, but her poor paint job is chipping everywhere.  This will most likely be a long process, so do not expect any after pictures of her for awhile!  And if you are wondering, she will be {fingers crossed} sitting in my living room next to the couch as sort of an end table/space filler.  

As you can see, that corner is pretty bare now that the Christmas tree has been taken down.  So bare, in fact, that I had to decorate it with my favorite thing in the house.  Now unto the next project:

A craft table that is currently under construction.  Don't judge me for still having the plastic from painting taped to my walls.  If I can lift the piece of wood Cody cut for me, I will hopefully be painting it and putting it together by this weekend.

I also I have another project going on with one of the walls near the kitchen, two large wall projects for the basement, and several sewing projects that I am pretty pumped about.  As you can see, there is a lot going on around here.  Which I suppose is why none of them are actually getting done after they get started.  So off I go to tackle at least one project today!


  1. I feel so connected to this post!!!! One, because I should really come over and draw that deer for you before you fire me. And two, theres our matching sewing kits!!!!

    I'm coming over tonight after registering :)!

  2. Oh I know, I thought the picture was so funny because it almost looks like a mirror image with our matching sewing kits and matching contents inside. But do not worry, I will never fire you because that would mean I would have to do it myself and everyone knows how that would turn out...


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