Mod Podged Mail Holder

I just realized we are already half way through the month of January and I still haven't done a single post about my Silhouette projects {so much for dedicating this month to it!}.  But we must start somewhere, so here it goes...

As part of my organization resolution, I decided something needed to be done about our mail situation.  This is how it typically works:  Cody gets the mail on his lunch hour.  He comes home and sets the envelopes on the table so we will pay attention to them.  They sit on the table for several days.  Tara gets annoyed with them sitting on the table.  She moves the envelopes to the office and sets them on the desk.  No one ever goes in the office.  The envelopes get forgotten about and bills do not get paid.  Unfortunately, this has been happening way too frequently, so something needed to change.  Cue my shopping trip to SAVERS {yep, that's right, branching out from Goodwill} where I found the perfect little mail holder.

It is adorable, but completely wrong for my house.  I almost feel a little bad painting it since someone went through so much work to make it look this lovely.  But then again, it was at Savers so I guess no one really wanted it anyway.  

I applied a fresh coat of paint to the entire thing and found some cute mail themed scrapbook paper that I happened to have on hand.  I applied a general amount of Mod Podge and she was looking just as lovely as ever.  

But since January is {supposed to be} Silhouette month here at Behind the Red Barn Door, I didn't stop there.  I also added some letters that I cut out with my Silhouette just to make sure we are extra organized.

It has already been put to good use.

No more late bills in this house!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love this!! We have an extremely similar mail issue here at the yocum house. Except instead of it eventually getting looked at, the mail never gets looked at. Yikes. Anywho, I love the paper that you used. It looks so vintage-y and gorgeous!! Well done barn door!


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