Behind These Blue/Green Eyes

This is officially the last picture husband will ever take wearing glasses.  This morning, he had Epi-Lasik eye surgery.  

I was allowed to watch the whole procedure in a viewing room.  I was trying to be sneaky about my photography, but apparently they aren't the blind ones and totally saw me.  Normally I am very squeamish about these types of things, especially eyes, but this actually wasn't so bad to watch.  My favorite part was seeing him hold that cute little penguin.  

There was a nice big screen to watch his beautiful eyeballs.  I mainly just wanted to watch because it was comforting to know everything that was going.  The procedure was very quick and, according to him, didn't hurt at all.  Now for all you twisted people out there who thrive on this type of thing {Nicole}, I have included the video I snyped for your viewing pleasure.  

The first part is them drying the eye and scraping off the cells.  You can then see a flashing light, which is the laser doing work.  After that, they just apply some medication and put a healing contact lens over the eye and it is finished.  He was out of there in 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, we are also both sick and I'm starting to sound a lot like Marcel the Shell when I talk.  This means there will be a lot of laying around for the next couple of days {for me anyway, he gets bored easily}.

We are praying for a speedy recovery for not only Cody, but also for our two friends Moriah and Andrew.  Both were involved in separate freak accidents with some pretty serious breaks.  We are so thankful they are both still able to walk and pray for patience through the recovery process!  

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