Calendar, A Little Late

I am happy to report that my last post did not jinx the weather.  It is absolutely beautiful out once again today.  Unfortunately it doesn't really matter to me because I am stuck inside learning about all the muscles, nerves, and arteries in my hand.  

This weekend I was forced to finish up a lot of homework, so I had little time for any projects.  I did manage to finish one:  A calendar.  Yes, I am aware that we are already a week into February, but I have been busy alright?  

We do not have any calendars in our home, which isn't really a big deal but feels just plain wrong.  I wanted something simple to hang in the kitchen, and really liked the simplicity of the design over at Young House Love.  Unfortunately I could not download their free template since I do not have Photoshop and was forced to start from scratch.  I downloaded the font from Type Depot and used the calendar template that is already in installed in Microsoft Word.  

Microsoft Word was angry at me for not capitalizing the months

I also chose to use my favorite verses {only the short ones of course} as the graphics for my calendar.  After all the months were created, I printed it off on a thicker cardstock paper and trimmed up the sides.  The calendar is very subtle against our white cabinets and I love it.  

Oh, and if you are wondering, I still made one for January.  There is just something wrong about making an 11 month calendar.  If you are just dying to have one of your very own {I'm hoping someone is since it took so long to make}, please send me an email and I will send it your way!

Happy 2012!

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