chalkboard clipboards

my basement projects are coming along very nicely this week.  it is such a nice feeling to wake up and know i have an entire day to dedicate to projects.  most of the work i have been doing has been preliminary project stuff {lots and lots of priming}, but i have to start somewhere!  just one step closer to checking off more things on my never ending list.  whenever i am working on big projects, i like to throw a couple smaller projects in the mix.  it helps me feel that i am actually accomplishing something, even if it only takes a few minutes.  for one of my small projects, i purchased a few clipboards from the dollar tree.

i contemplated leaving them the color they were, but ultimately decided they would be much more useful with a little chalkboard paint.

i even took the time to hang them up {first things to be placed on the walls in the basement}.  they are situated by my soon-to-be craft table and will be used as inspiration boards and possibly to-do lists.  now it is time for me to enjoy this beautiful day we are having and get my spray paint on.  happy tuesday!  

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