laundry sorter

we are half way through april and this is, what, maybe my third post about organization?  this is why i do not make resolutions people.  but alas, it is time to get this little house organized and address our laundry situation.  

i bought this laundry organizer a couple of months ago from home depot.  i really like having the laundry presorted for when i when i want to quickly throw a load in.  but i can't tell you how many times i have heard, "babe?  which one do i put my socks in again?"  or even worse, "i don't remember where my jeans go so i am just going to throw them on the floor".  okay, he never actually said the last one, but i imagine it is what is going through his head every time i find a pile of clothes outside of the hamper.  no more excuses dear husband.

i cut out labels using my silhouette cameo and contact paper.  as i mentioned before, i prefer using contact paper over vinyl because it is cheaper.  

i mixed some fabric medium and acrylic paint and carefully blotted the stencil with a paintbrush.

my laundry sorter is now clearly labeled and ready to be filled with dirty clothes.


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