Skol Vikings!

Yesterday, we took my dad to a Vikings game as part of his extremely late Fathers Day/birthday present.

 The Vikings lost, but there were plenty of other highlights from the day:

1.  Face planting on the stairs only to look up and see my husband about 30 steps in front of me not even bothering to notice his missing wife. I then had to choose between laughing at myself for the 547 people watching or just run away really fast. I ran away.

2.   Literally being lifted off my feet by a gust of air as I exited the dome. Time seemed to slow down as I was in midair, hoping I would be able to make a graceful landing.  I nailed it.

3.  The home made hot cocoa at Hell's Kitchen. Seriously it was so good.

So happy belated birthday/Father's Day dad. I hope you had a fully entertaining day, considering you have been entertaining me greatly with your lack of humor for the past 22 years.  Love you!

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  1. LOL i wish I would have seen you fall! WORST MOMENT EVER TO FALL!! and little Cody just be ignorin. rude


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