'tis the season of garage sales and flea markets and i am thrilled.  i get a little rush every time i find that perfect item for less than five dollars.  husband was quite surprised to see that the excitement level for my latest finds seemed to match his excitement level for his new golf clubs.  to each his own.  i have thrifted purchases i love, and then i have my absolute favorites.  here are a few...

my beloved poloroid camera.  i'm afraid to take too many pictures with it though since film is so expensive.

a beautiful handcrafted airplane from the fifties.  i also love old books.

my old scale {that i accidentally dropped while purchasing and broke}.  and although the camera was found in our basement and not thrifted, it is also one of my favorites.

my ladder.

this wicker tray, vase, and cloche, simply because they are multi-purpose and get moved around a lot.

and my most recent treasures, a bird cage, wood-grain serving tray, and a knitted blanket {for only $4!}

since i am clearly at risk for becoming a hoarder over the summer {husband is genuinely concerned}, we are sitting down this weekend and making a budget for the upcoming thrifting season.  a few tears may be shed, but i know it is for the best.

happy thrifting!


  1. I haven't commented in a while so I figured I am well over-due! All I have to say is BOO TO BUDGET! One golf club is probably the cost of a whole year's worth of thrifting. just sayin

    1. you have a point, however the golf clubs were presents, much like my camera :(


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