a garage in progress

when i first started my blog, i found inspiration for the name based on my workspace at the time.  when it came to projects, the best place for me to work was our old granary.

i loved this old building, especially the red weathered doors. 

it was hardly an ideal workspace.  it had giant holes in the ceiling and no electricity.  which meant it was only usable during the day in the summer when it wasn't raining.  that doesn't leave a lot of time in minnesota!

so as much as i love this building exactly the way it is, husband and i knew it was time to give it a little upgrade.

the inside of the granary was made up of six little rooms with wood walls.  i convinced cody to CAREFULLY take down each board so i could reuse them.  a few of them will have a new purpose shortly while the rest will be saved for use in our next {hopefully forever} home.  apparently it was a lot of work.  i like to think that he will thank me someday in the future :).

cody has been doing the work a long with our carpentry savvy neighbor.  

all the walls inside need to be removed in order for there to be room to park our cars {did i mention this would be our garage?}

the doors were also removed and two new doors were cut in their place.  i have some plans for those old doors as well, i just have to convince a certain naysayer first.

i requested to keep the old tin on the outside in order to maintain somewhat of the original look.  the building also has a lean to on the back that i asked to keep.  i have been warned that if it isn't stable enough, it goes.  i just really love it though so here's to hoping it stays.

i have agreed to make a few concessions on this building in order to have a little more say on that other building back there.  i like to think the two of us are pretty good at compromising :).

unfortunately that means the wood shingles will have to go {insert huge sad face}.  i actually am not sure what is going on the roof at this point.  first things first, it needs to be completely removed and redone {ya know, because of those pesky holes}.

i snapped this picture this morning of the current progress.  i think it is the first picture i was able to capture of those camera shy boys {minus the furry one in front who is the biggest camera hog i know}.  it was strange to see my old building looking so new.  bittersweet really, because i know i will definitely appreciate the functionality of it when it is complete.  

i'm not sure how much more progress will be made with harvest time closely impending, but i plan on updating as we go.

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