roger and other junk

i am pleased to announce that roger has finally found his home.  our basement has come along way, from renovating, to painting, and now finally decorating.  i'll have to admit, i was not expecting this process to take so long, but i feel very excited now that things are starting to come together.

the basement happens to be cold and dark; lots of pillows and blankets were needed.  most of the pillows i had lying around the house.  the map pillow is an ikea purchase.

the plaid pillows are my favorite.  i couldn't find a plaid i was lovin' at jo-ann, so i checked the next best place; goodwill.  both pillowcases were originally men's shirts. 

pillowcases from button up shirts happen to be the easiest to make.  there is no zipper to sew in and no hand sewing that needs to be done.  simply sew all four sides, unbutton the buttons, and shove the pillow inside.  my kinda project.  

ninety percent of the time, the pillows end up the floor {men i tell ya}.  but i don't care, i still love them.

and on another note...

next week marks a very important week.  the week of the junk bonanza.

if you have never heard of the junk bonanza, please take a tiny little second to click that there button and peruse the site to your heart's content.  basically, it is three days of pure pleasure for folks like me {and my backrow girls, holla!}.  i plan on attending this event on thursday {it runs thursday-saturday}. if any of you are planning on attending that day, lemme know and i'll make it my number one priority to spot you in the crowd.  
actually, i highly recommend that you don't attend this event.  more goods for me.  i have a feeling my newly purchased suv will really come in handy.  and spoiler alert, there may or may not be photos of these findings in the near future.  

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  1. It looks so good! I love the button up shirt pillows, that's such a good idea! And Roger looks great!


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