junk bonanza

this post contains a ton of pictures of the junk bonanza that i attended yesterday.  words aren't really necessary.

pretty much anything you could possibly want could be found.  of course, i came home with a few items.  allow me to introduce them.

this chair was purchased to be used at my craft table.  

this set of vintage dominoes will be used in the basement.  i have found quite a few old dominoes, but typically they were sold per piece.  i was happy to finally find an {almost} full set.

last but not least, an old fan.  another one of those items i had been searching for {under a certain price} and was finally content with what i found.  

in my opinion, the junk bonanza was well worth the trip.  if you have specific items to look for, you will most likely find them.  my friends were able to find a few perfect items as well.  there is still one day left so get your buns over there! 

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