filling my house with pictures, one gallery wall at a time

 kidding, kidding.  i intend for this to be my last gallery wall in this home.  unless you count my instagram wall.  or my polaroid wall.  i guess i just really like gallery walls.  they are a lot of fun to put together and are great for large walls, like on a stair case.  this particular wall can be easily seen from the couches in the basement, so it is also fun to look at.

it houses the instagram frame i made earlier,

as well as some frames we received as wedding gifts {erickson sign, eagle print, and the one that says "love"}.

and unlike last time, i chose to use pictures of us for this wall.  husband really liked that part.  this gallery wall was also put together with a lot of help from goodwill and inexpensive projects.

i plan to wrap the photos around to this wall, but that is for another day.


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