showered in love

showers...a beautiful celebration of a new chapter in your life with all your family and friends.  what showers really are...an awkward two hours where everyone stares at you while you open gifts.  maybe it's just me.  i've never cared much for being the center of everyone's attention and showers seem to do just that.  nonetheless, i am incredibly appreciative of my sister, moms, and aunts who went through great lengths to throw these beautiful gatherings and of course all the family and friends who came to support my little family.  i am, however, not entirely disappointed that the days of showers are now officially behind me.

we had a whole lotta preggo ladies who are now officially {almost} all mamas...so fun!

and as much fun as it was to have a bump to show off at the shower, having the star of the show actually present was even better.

she clearly has no problems with being the center of attention.  must have something to do with being the first child, grandchild, great-grandchild, niece, baby of the year, etc.

so thank you to everyone who was part of one of our special celebrations.  cody, evelyn and i appreciate it more than you will ever know.

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