baby slippers

it seems as if winter has officially arrived.  i haven’t decided exactly how i feel about that yet, but i do know that trying to keep an active crawler warm is a whole different ballgame than trying to keep an immobile newborn warm.  where i would once knit tiny little booties to keep little toes warm, i must now provide warmth, comfort, easy mobility and traction for our slippery wood floors. 

evelyn and i were suffering from a bit of cabin fever this week, thanks to all the snow, so we ventured out to grab some supplies for her new slippers.  we found a perfect old sweater at goodwill and some non-slip fabric at jo-ann’s.  i used this pattern, but i added extra ribbing on top in order to allow the boot to fold over.  i followed the tutorial provided, except i left sewing the tube together for last.  since knitted material tends to stretch, i found it was much easier to gauge how much i would need after it was attached to the sole.  i ended up cutting off quite a bit of fabric compared to the pattern provided.  the entire project only took about an hour to complete. i had to refrain from waking her up from her nap in order to try them on her.  once she woke up, however, they were a perfect fit. 

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