ten months


taking pictures of evelyn lying next to suzette (her fox) is impossible these days since her obsession with her has hit an all time high.  the second she sees her it's hugs and kisses and squishes, so we just roll with it.  at the ripe age of nine months, miss evelyn finally got her first two bottom teeth.  they are apparently very fun to play with all day long.  she has also been liking playing all of her favorite games, like peek-a-boo and patty cake, on mom and dad instead of us doing them for her.  that also includes lifting our shirts and tickling our bellies.  here's to hoping that never happens in public.  she has been learning to use sign language lately and signs "more" fervently during all her meals.  mama can't feed her fast enough.  she has also been learning to imitate car and animal noises and of course say boo, you know, for halloween and all.  looking at these pictures, i can't help but notice how grown up she is looking.  but don't tell her that, or she's all "what's that? grown up? let me start waking up two times a night again and i'll show you grown up".  but yeah, it's cool.

and in honor of halloween yesterday, here is a picture of the sweetest little lamb i have ever met.

i had a tough time getting good pictures of her whole costume since she hated her headpiece with a fiery passion.  could be because it pretty much completely covered her eyes and all she could do was stumble around in the dark when it was on #smallheadproblems.  oh what was that? you want to see more? well twist my arm...

...because every child deserves documentation of just how much they hated their first halloween costume.  happy ten months girl!

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