the leopard chairs

if you have been to my home in the past year or follow me on instagram, you have most likely already seen my friendly leopard {cheetah? no one knows} chairs.  for those who haven't, allow me to officially introduce you.  i found these two guys on craigslist and fell hard for their perfect lines, size, and comfort level.  they were in great shape, but the colors and pattern didn't blend well with the rest of my home.  

i didn't see that as a problem though.  i like to try everything once {design wise at least} and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to dabble in reupholstery.  who knows, it may end up being my passion in life?

after a good five hours of breaking staple after staple, sore hands, and only half of one chair to show for it while nine months pregnant, i realized that no, reupholstery is definitely not for me.  do you know how many staples they use to hold fabric onto a chair?  a lot.  i decided to throw in the towel and not touch another staple until my baby was born.  i also decided to reevaluate how much i really wanted to do these guys myself.  with a new baby in my arms, the answer was not at all.  so cody explored some professional reupholstery options for my birthday and came up with a price i wasn't exactly thrilled with.  on top of it all, boston had officially claimed one of the chairs as his own.  like, try sitting in it and he will stare a hole through you until you move.  and forget that glass of water you are longing for.  so where am i going with all this?  well, i realized how nice it would be to be able to wash the chairs every now and then and not have to worry about getting them dirty.  it was decided, we would be going with custom slipcovers.

i ended up going with the slipcover man out of minneapolis and was extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of his work.  the cost ended up being less than half the price of reupholstery, plus i am able to wash them in my washing machine. win. win.

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