a christmas post

evelyn and i have spent the last few weeks preparing for a very exciting first christmas.  although the tree went up right after thanksgiving, we have been taking our time with the rest of the decorations so as to enjoy the process instead of stressing about the product.  i talked a little about simplifying when it comes to seasonal decor during fall decorating, and the christmas season has followed the same path.  the focus is on handmade and nature inspired instead of simply store bought goods.  our tree is an exception as i am quite fond of our little artificial friend.  after spending nearly an entire day replacing lightbulbs, however, i do believe i will be taking the plunge into fresh cut next year.  stockings were also an exception as we had one more to add this year.  slowly but surely we have been adding additional winter touches all around our home.  we have gathered clippings, brought out some candles, strung fresh garland, and baked salt dough ornaments.  we limited most of our purchases to non-seasonal items-white pillar candles, brass candle holders, and simple white lights.  the smell of the evergreen clippings fill the air and the sound of old christmas records can be heard all day long.  the presents are mostly wrapped and we have plans for holiday baking later this week.

for an eleven month old, the lights, tree, and {non-breakable} ornaments are all completely fascinating.  she has discovered the presents under the tree, but hasn't tried to open them yet.  i am counting down the days {8!} to our first christmas as a family of three + b and we all cannot wait.

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