end tables and ottomans

when cody and i purchased our couch, we quickly realized we were in need of some tables or an ottoman to replace our large ottoman tray we had been using previously.  we settled on some inexpensive tables from ikea with plans to change them up and better fit our aesthetic.

i spray painted the bases in oil-rubbed bronze to give the look of metal legs.  I also tried adding some padding and fabric to the tops to make an ottoman, but cody and i agreed it just did not look right.  he offered to make some wood tops instead so we could use them as end tables.

we used pine that we purchased from the hardware store and i stained it using american walnut stain.  we then glued the wood to the base and ended up loving how they looked.  of course, we were still need of an ottoman!  as it turns out, ottomans aren't too difficult to make either.  cody made a simple wooden box using plywood.  i lost all the pictures i had taken of this process, unfortunately, but i'm sure they weren't that interesting anyway.  after he was finished, i covered the box with 4" foam and batting.  i found a beautiful gray herringbone fabric from joann fabrics and sewed a covering that was stapled onto the base.  the legs were purchased from home depot, along with mounting brackets, and stained in the same american walnut stain as the table.

what i love most about the ottoman is the height.  i wasn't sure how comfortable it would be to have an ottoman that is lower than the couch, but it actually is very comfortable.  it is also the perfect height for toddlers!  and thankfully, it is also very sturdy for all the climbing and bouncing that happens on it daily.

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