White Bookshelf

I would like to start out by saying I really like white furniture.  It goes with everything AND hides dust really well :).  But when I found this little bookshelf on sale at Walmart, I decided to buy it even though it was black.  I am currently working on making a reading nook in our master bedroom and this bookshelf was the perfect size.  The bookshelf sat in the nook (all by itself) for a couple months until I realized the black just wasn't working for me, or the bedroom.  

So of course, I decided to try to paint it.  Because the bookshelf is from Walmart, it is not exactly high quality wood so I made sure to prime the entire thing before painting it.  I tried a little spot without primer and it did not stick at all.  I like to use spray paint because it doesn't show brush marks and is WAY faster than painting with a brush.

Spray painting in the basement = a really poor choice!
After painting the bookshelf, I had to figure out something to do with the black piece of cardboard that went on the back.  I decided to line it with paper instead of trying to paint it.  You could also use fabric, but I was unable to find any gray and white fabric that I liked.  I bought this paper from Paper Mojo for $4.39.

Smock double-sided recycled paper - Market

I had to use two pieces, but was able to line up the edges so there was hardly a seem.  I attached the paper using spray adhesive.  I love being able to personalize cheap-o furniture, and it the white works a lot better in our room.  I can't wait to fill it with my favorite books!

Bookshelf After

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