Burlap Wreath

 Here goes another fall wreath...I mean, I do have two doors!  This one took a little more time than the simple wreath with flowers, but was still pretty easy to make.

I started with a wreath form from the dollar store.  Looking back, I probably wouldn't use this again, it was really big and thin!  But it worked considering it was only a dollar.

I took my dear friend Annie out with me to gather some more grasses/weeds in the backyard, then used wire to secure them to the wreath.  I put these on first because I wasn't planning on using burlap at the time.  I'm sure it would have turned out a lot better if I would have waited though!

I cut my burlap into strips and used a needle to thread through the strips of burlap.  I went from side to side so that my burlap folds would not be straight and I really liked how it ended up looking.

After threading the string, I pushed the burlap together until it formed this nice scrunchy thing.  

 I made four of these to fit around my wreath and then used hot glue to glue it onto my wreath form.

I also used an extra piece of burlap to tie a bow in the around my grasses.

Wanna hear a secret?  The whole time I was making this FALL wreath, I was listening to Christmas music. Super embarrassing when the water softener guy stopped by....

Have a blessed day!

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  1. LOVE the wreath! We seriously are like twins with brain connections like ESP (?)! I wanted to listen to Christmas music today but instead went with Hillsong United which was a solid choice! Next weekend lets bring a ton a Christmas CD's and surprise Yocum by decorating the apartment with Christmas decor :)


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