Fall Bucket List

Today I woke up to a dreary, rainy fall day.  Perfect day for homework, right?  Apparently not, because it is almost noon and I have barely started.  Creating a fall bucket list sounded much more appealing!  So here it is...

Notice how homework didn't quite make the cut?  Anyway, I created this little subway art in about five minutes at Wordle.  You can completely customize it, choosing your own font, colors, and a few different layouts.  I wanted all my words to be horizontal so I could easily cross them off, but it also does vertical.  Here is a couple little tips I learned from reading the FAQs:
  • The more times a word appears, the bigger it will be.  I repeated "Fall Bucket List" three times so it would be the biggest phrase.
  • If you want words to stay together as a phrase, replace the space with a ~.  It sounds confusing, but I created this list in Microsoft Word and was able to use the replace option and it replaced all spaces in two seconds instead of having to manually type in the ~ symbol.
  • If you do not like the layout it automatically generates, click the randomize button on the button and you can scroll through different layouts until you find one you like.
It is a fun little activity to do next time you have a lot of homework to do and zero motivation are bored!

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