A Fall Adventure

I went on an adventure with Boston today.  Was it a good idea to walk through the grove to get to the wildlife preserve on the other side?

In case you can't tell, this is Boston's tale

The cockleburs were THICK.  I think I ended up with more stuck to me than Boston and I was trying to avoid them!  After about 10 steps we gave up and went back.  Was it a better idea to walk AROUND the grove and through the field?

YES!  Minus the whole tripping over corn stalks, it was much more pleasant.

And very rewarding.  I found some lovely weeds to use somewhere for fall decorations.  I cut, Boston explored.  It made for a nice sleepy puppy the rest of the evening, which is a success in itself.

I picked off all the leaves to just leave the stem and flower and then tied the bunch together.  I wanted to do this project for free, so I searched the house for a pot I could use.  I really wanted something rustic, and the only thing I could find had a pumpkin face on it.  On the bright side, my harvest decor now doubles as Halloween decor.

I went ahead and removed the fake green branches that once occupied this space and replaced it with my free, fall themed decoration.

Have a blessed day!

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