A Fine Place to Dine

Our kitchen table was a hand-me-down from the in-laws (Cody has eaten MANY meals at that table).

The table was a very classic piece with a light wood color.  I really wanted a darker stain to match the rest of the furniture and the floors.  This was actually quite a process, especially since it was the first piece of furniture I have stained.  The first stain I bought ended up being too black.  I had to sand the whole table down again, which is not fun!

Here is a tip if you are ever staining anything...buy little samples of stain because each type of wood will stain a little differently.  I bought four different samples from Menards for 25 cents each.  I ended up choosing a color that I would have never thought I liked, so I am very glad I used samples!

The chairs were also a lighter color.

I was too lazy busy to stain the chairs, so I just painted them white.

I am thrilled about how the table looks in the kitchen, especially with my new granite counter tops!

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  1. I LOVE this table! So simple but the stain is amazing. Fits perfectly with the WALNUT floors with a varnish! :)


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