I have been busy this past week making various Christmas decorations.  I am willing to give a sneak peak, however I cannot reveal the final product until a certain very special package arrives.  

So today, I was noticing I had a fairly empty spot on one of my shelves.  I checked out PB for some inspiration and came across this:

It is fairly old and I remember admiring it last year, but it was a perfect project for me to do today.  Now I know there are probably many amazing DIY ways to do this project, but the goal for me was for it to be completely free (a.k.a. I already have the supplies on hand).

So I started with a large piece of tag board that was hiding in my closet.  I originally planned on printing out letters, but could not get them large enough so I had to draw the letters by hand.

I then took some brown acrylic paint that I had on hand and painted the letters, that process looked something like this.

After I finished painting, it looked more like this.

And then thankfully, it dried without a shine.  I hung the tag board with some command stripes because I had them on hand (are you seeing the theme here?).

Two hours and zero dollars later, I ended up with this.

It looks pretty good for not spending a dime!  After showing to Cody he responded with, "oh I'll just trace that on a thin piece of wood for you and cut it out so it isn't flimsy".  Well okay, as long as you have all the supplies on hand :).

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  1. I really like that! You're so thrifty and amazing!


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