Christmas Packages

Our Christmas presents this year don't look very presenty to me at all.  So from now on, we will refer to them as our Christmas "packages".  I am nowhere near done wrapping, but I do believe this is the earliest I have ever wrapped in my entire life.  Usually I leave that job to my sister {which may or may not include wrapping her own gifts from me}, but this year I was forced to do them all myself since I live in my own house now.  Apparently she was just as disappointed with this as I was.  Anywho, I'm kinda loving how they all turned out.

The gift tags were made from scrapbook paper that I just cut out and ran through my sticker maker.  Super easy and they look great with the "packages".

My favorite presents, however, were the most difficult to wrap {there are two balls in that one:)}.  I am more excited to watch him rip them open than he is!

Well, I guess I should finish wrapping up the rest of the presents now.  After all, Christmas is only 3 days away!

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