Home for the Holidays

As promised, I will finally be revealing my little surprise and his new home, along with all of my Christmas decor.  It really isn't all that exciting, but hopefully you enjoy!

So here he is in all his glory.  We had to move our TV stand into storage for the winter to make room for this lovely new fireplace.  

I have a small obsession with fireplaces, and although it is not real it sure keeps me toasty warm. 

I even flipped all  my books around because I liked the dark colors for Christmas.  No worries though, as soon as spring rolls around those babies will go back into hiding.

I have already revealed my tree and pillows, but the tree looks a little happier today with packages below.

And luckily, B has pretty much left all the presents alone.

Except for a small incident where he managed to find one of his presents behind all the rest.

He clearly felt pretty guilty about it too.


And now, on to the kitchen.  I'll start by saying I originally took these photos yesterday but noticed my table looked oddly depressing.  I had completely ignored her in my holiday decorations and didn't even realize it.  I knew I had to do something, so I pulled all my scraps of fabric left over from the stockings and pillows and  decided to make a table runner.  I didn't have much left over, so the runner had to be a little...piecy {yep, that is definitely not a word}. 

I had to quickly "sew" her together last night, but I think she turned out rather lovely given the circumstances.

And here is the final picture of the two spaces, which is actually just one big space.

 I'm all ready for Christmas!


  1. Oh my your house looks sew amazing! keep bobbin along with all of your cute crafts!

  2. Tara, you seriously have created perfectville. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Everything looks perfect! How sweet that your gorgeous dog found his present :)


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