Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday is not today.  My birthday was actually over a week ago.  But since my birthday present just came in the mail today, my new birthday for the year must be March 30th.  And it just so happened that I received one of the best birthday gifts EVER {although I may be biased because I usually say that about every gift I receive}.  Either way, it is pretty cool.  What, oh what could it be?

Nope, not another dog {I wish}.  I got a camera!  Woohoo!!  So naturally, I spent my day taking some pictures of my favorite subject.

Thankfully, he was loving the camera.  Not so thankfully, he kept trying to lick it.

He was definitely the focus of my day, mostly because he was the only thing I could find that moved.

I would NEVER have captured those last two photos on my point and shoot.  So thanks for my present family, I sure am loving it.  I have so much to learn about it but am excited for the possibilities.  


  1. Love the shot of him leaping through the brush and the happy smile which is so, so doggy.

  2. Happy birthday for last week. That second last photo is sensational!


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