iphone monday

Yes, I am aware that it is actually Tuesday today.  Yes, it took me until 8:30 this morning to actually realize that.  It just feels like a Monday to me, so let's just go with it for today.  Last week was one of those crazy weeks that seemed to completely fly by.   

Here's the rundown in no particular order:
1.  I started my first fieldwork experience for grad school {and was very very nervous about it!} 2. Bos made a new friend and wouldn't stop following her around.  3.  I got rear ended {boo} 4.  The grass turned green on my birthday. 5.  Boston lost his man parts {also on my birthday} and was a huge baby about it. 6.  Speaking of birthday....I ate some cake that husband kindly whipped up for me 7.  We also learned that B LOVES basketball.  And he is pretty good at defense.  8.  There were a few naps over the weekend.  

Since this week is my "off" week from school, I am hoping to find some time to work on a few more projects.  Free time will be sparse in the next three weeks, so bear with me as I plow through the end of my second semester of grad school!

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