house tour-the before

as promised, i will now give you a private tour of ann and log's new home. 

 the front of the house needs a little landscaping and love.  the pictures begin in the basement, because that is when i started snapping away.  be prepared.

this would be the very last room if you actually took the tour.  it is the 4th bedroom in the home, but will serve the purpose of annie's studio/sewing room.  it currently has a cement floor, so it will be perfect for her art projects.

this is the view of the hallway leading to the 4th bedroom.  as you can see, there is lovely wallpaper in the basement.  the door on the right is a bathroom.

i noticed the carpet in the bathroom right away.  besides that, the basement really gets some nice lighting.  the pale yellow wall color will need to go.

this is the family room in the basement.  

ann and i are still arguing about what is going to be done with the paneling.

the storage/laundry room is very large.

we will now begin our trek upstairs.

in this picture, i am standing in the kitchen.  the door on the right leads to the basement.  the door straight ahead leads to the garage.

the kitchen isn't huge, but it has some nice cabinet space {especially compared to my kitchen}

the appliances may need a little updating.

especially the dishwasher

next to the kitchen is the dining room.  i am a little jealous of this feature since my home does not have one!

it even has a lovely chandelier.  the plan is to remove the upper cabinets that you can see above the peninsula to make the space feel more open.  and of course, the wallpaper will need to go.

now we can start at the beginning of the tour, which would be walking through this lovely front door.  it will eventually need to be refinished.

this is the main living room.  discussions are still happening about the built in shelving and furniture arrangement for this room.  it will need paint, but otherwise nothing will be done in here.

while standing in the dining room, you can look down a long hall and see the three upstairs bedrooms.  the first door on the right is the bathroom.

i'm kinda liking the wallpaper in there, if there wasn't so much of it.  ann really hates color though, so she will be tearing that down right away.

the occupational therapist in me is loving the modifications in this home, but the decorating side of me agrees they need to go.  this bathroom has only a bathtub and a couple grab bars.

the smallest bedroom in the home was being used as a laundry room {again with those home modifications}.  the plumbing will be removed and this room will be ann's closet.

i believe it has been decided that this is the master bedroom.  there is more wallpaper to remove and more painting to be done.

this room has the largest closet of all the rooms.

there is a third bedroom {possibly a guest room?} that has already been filled with their furniture purchases.

after the full house tour, we went out back to check out the backyard.  we realized the back of the house was actually cuter than the front so i snapped a picture.  it's almost like the house is walking away and saying "goodbye, come back soon".


  1. The 70's always managed to show love to the cabinet space!

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