what's a pumpkin's favorite sport?


yesterday was about bring autumn inside, today we will be moving to the great outdoors.  once again, i kept it very simple.

the hay bale was brought up from the barn by yours truly.  i'm still quite impressed with my farm girl skills, even if i did take a break or two.  and never mind that my brother-in-law decided to show up right as i made it to the house.  if there is one thing that harvest teaches me every year, it is independence {no husband you say? i'll do it myself}.  

b and i picked the corn stocks from behind our grove.  if only he could be a little more helpful and at least carry them back to the house for me.  or better yet, pull the hay bales to the house when i need them.  

unfortunately, i could not find any pumpkins around my house.  i put in a good effort, but my garden flopped and the one pumpkin that did manage to grow turned out to be a nice snack for a certain "helpful" dog.  good thing the neighbors had a bumper crop this year {free donation > $3 per pumpkin at the grocery store}.  you never can have too many pumpkins.  am i right, or am i right? 

the biggest challenge to this porchscape is definitely going to be trying to teach boston boston pumpkin eater to "be nice" to the pumpkins.  it's like a never-ending battle in his little brain.  the bright orange pumpkins just fit so nicely in his mouth.

happy and safe harvest to all!


  1. Oh how I love the sight of pumpkins! We have grown them the past couple of years, and this year I finally made something with it: pumpkin soup in the slow cooker (my husband is combining). A very good meal.

    Great pics!

    1. Ah yes, husband combining is very familiar over here :). Pumpkin soup sounds delicious! Hope you guys have a safe harvest.

  2. Nope, you can't ever have enough pumpkins, Tara! Hope the dog learns to keep away from them. LOL I try to get mine from local farmers when I can- grocery store and nursery pumpkins and gourds are too expensive. I did break down and buy my kale and cabbages there, however. Sometimes, you have to choose your battles. Thanks for signing on to follow along. I'm trying to get back into the groove of things after a very busy year. Don't be a stranger. :-) Sue


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