sometimes, as adults, we forget what it is like to have a wild imagination.  having imaginary friends is frowned upon and we are constantly forced to live in the real world.  so today, i am going to encourage you to use your imagination to picture the before state of this bench.

picture medium oak color, scratched up top, originally a coffee table.  or picture whatever you would like, it's your imagination.  

okay, so the truth is, the before pictures no longer exist.  you see, i always thought the whole "safely remove hardware" step was completely unnecessary and a waste of my time. as a matter of fact, i probably unsafely removed my hardware hundreds of times over the years.  but all it took was the one time of me pulling out my memory card without properly ejecting for my pictures to be lost forever.  the before pictures of this bench included.  

so just humor me and use your imagination as you picture the awful scratches this lovely fabric is covering up.  and as you imagine the foam and batting used underneath to transform it from a table to a bench.  and imagine the foam actually being a $15 mattress pad from target doubled up to save money on purchasing the more expensive foam from jo-ann.  imagine stapling it all down and hauling it up two flights of the steepest stairs you have ever seen and placing it at the foot of my sister's bed.  now imagine it being my new bed for when i come to spend the night at her house.    

oh wait, that picture still exists.  comfy indeed.  my sister actually found this table for free on the side of the road.  some people have all the luck.  so after a couple coats of gray paint, some make-shift foam, and lovely fabric, it is now a useful piece that goes perfectly in her bedroom.

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  1. Cute bench & I can see that it is comfy! :) Hopped over from Furniture Feature Friday and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit. Blessings ~ Judy


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