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this is how boston feels about me waiting until the end of january to post my christmas pictures.  it's not my proudest moment, so the stink face is well deserved.  i'm sure everyone is sick and tired of christmas decorations by now, but if not, here are some bits and pieces of christmas 2012 at the erickson's.  

thanks for dropping by!

*i recently began a new phase in my life known as working 40+ hours/week.  after 20 years of full-time school, it is completely new to me.  and to top it all off, it is an unpaid internship.  i am currently working as an occupational therapist in small schools around the area and am really enjoying it.  starting in april, i will move to a hospital setting.  as much as i want to keep doing projects and blogging, the reality of it is that they will probably be few and far in between.  i appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog and i will try my best to keep you guys around!*

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