office desk

back many many moons ago, i was on the hunt for a large desk for our office.  i spent time searching locally, scanning craigslist, but nothing seemed to pan out.  it was then i realized that if you want something done quickly, you have to make your husband want it as bad as you do.  

one saturday morning he woke up and said "that's it. we are going on a road trip and finding a desk".  i of course jumped at the opportunity and quickly went on craigslist to see what i could find.  i found one option two hours away that seemed like it could be the one.  once we got there, i quickly realized it wasn't.  but we really wanted a desk and we had come all that way.  we told the man we would think about it and made our way to the closest coffee shop to ponder our decision, and of course, check out the craigslist app on our phones.  

low and behold, only ten miles away was a desk listed for $35 {the first one was listed for $150 which was right around average for what we were looking for}.  the only catch-their pet tweety bird had made a snack out of one of the drawers.  we decided to check it out since it was so close.

besides the damage to the drawer that the owners tried to cover up with orangey paint {seen on the right side}, it was exactly what we had been searching for.  the top of the desk had been covered in glass so it was completely scratch free.  they told us it was ours for $20.  we then went to fuddruckers to celebrate our amazing deal and ran into the original desk man whom we had never called back.  awkward.

anyway, i'm sure you can tell by the picture above that the handles and knobs were pretty much the cat's meow, no?

ah yes, much better.  i knew which style handles i was looking for, but i also ended up having the buy the largest ones i could find in order to hide the holes left behind by the previously massive handles.  since i felt the color of the desk was perfect, i did not want to have to fill any holes.

i also spent time sanding off the paint on the defective drawer, filling in the missing wood with wood filler, and restaining the areas that needed to be covered.  as much work as i put into it, the drawer is still flawed.  but it is much less noticeable in real life than it is in the pictures.  for twenty dollars, i have no complaints whatsoever.  plus, husband is happy to finally have a desk and when husband's happy, we are all happy.


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